4 Reasons to Celebrate Motherhood with Maternity Photography

Expectant Mother

One of the best ways to celebrate Motherhood, is to capture the miraculous days of pregnancy. That’s just what we did on this sunny morning in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This beautiful family of three is about to become four! While I was photographing my sweet friends, (Leea seriously looked like an angel) I couldn’t help but think that all expectant mommas should have this chapter of life captured.

Here are four reasons why you should celebrate motherhood by scheduling a maternity session:

1. Capture the Excitement and Anticipation

Is there anything more life-changing than the arrival of a baby? Having maternity photos taken is a way to honor how your family started and show how it is growing. Take the time to reflect and enjoy the moment and then look forward to the new life that is about to change your world and hearts forever.

2. Create Photos to Display

Let your walls tell your family story. Having professional portraits taken gives you the chance to display the art of the beautiful chapters of your life. It’s also nice to add maternity photos to your little one’s baby book. Someday, they will cherish the pictures of you carrying them into life.

Beautiful Momma, Leea, on Bath House Row in Hot Springs, Arkansas

3. Time to Bond

Use your session as a time to bond. Take time to really notice your spouse (and children if you have them already.) Slow down and enjoy the moments of closeness. And while you’re dressed up, (sorry sweatpants) use the opportunity to go out, make a memory and enjoy each other on a hot date after the session.

4. You Deserve to be Pampered

Momma, you are beautiful and strong and you’re doing the HARD work of growing a baby. If there is ever a time you deserve to be pampered, it’s now. Your skin is glowing, your locks are thick and luscious and you’re sporting the cutest baby bump ever. Top that off with a trip to the salon and a pretty dress and you’ll feel and look like a million bucks. (Your messy bun and cozy sweatpants will be there tomorrow.)

It may not feel like it now, but someday you’ll miss toting around that little bump. If you’re in the area of Hot Springs or Little Rock, Arkansas and expecting, you have 4 perfectly good reasons to reach out to Heather Graham Photography. Let’s get a Maternity Photography Session in the books! While you’re here, check on my blogs on my lifestyle newborn sessions.

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